Welcome to Coffee Time and Travel

Hello all!! as you can see we’ve revamped and renamed ourselves.  Formerly Confidently Living welcome now to our new sparkly and shiny site Coffee Time and Travel.

kisspng-coffee-cup-tea-cafe-car-coffee-time-5aa40c5db608e2.0764188915207005097456 (1)

So why have we changed it up over here well honestly I just wasn’t feeling the Confidently Living blog as it was and so after a break and some major standing in the kitchen eating junk food discussion with the husband we decided to turn gear and head in a sorta kinda new direction although not really.

Anyway, we want to invite you, all our friends old and new to join us as we travel and make a thousand stops at coffee shops to refuel.

So sit back grab your coffee and enjoy yourself.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Coffee Time and Travel

  1. Very curious for your next post! Will this really be about coffee and who has the best?? We are coffee snobs so would love to hear what you have to say!!!

    1. LOL.. I’m currently getting over an addiction to Dunkin Donuts.. mind you it’s truely is the worst coffee.. we’ll be talking about a few coffee shops I’ve tried in the near future. What’s your fav coffee??

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