Collinsville, CT

Did you guys know that Collinsville, Connecticut’s is on the National Register of Historic Places?  Yeah me neither.  The center of Collinsville is very picturesque with it’s Normal Rockwell vibe when you drive onto the main street you’re met with the Farmington River.


This was home to the Collins and Company and most of the building and the center of the village where built around it’s main factory.  The company opened it’s the early 1826 and where the makers of axes, machetes, knives, and picks.  The company’s founders Samuel W. and David C. Collins were born into a wealthy family. Their father, Alexander Collins, was a lawyer in Middletown and their mother Elizabeth was from the well-to-do mercantile Watkinson family of Hartford. When Alexander died in 1815, his widow moved the family to Hartford. Samuel was 24 years old and David age 21 when they decided to open an axe factory with their cousin William Wells.  At one point the company sold 80% of the world’s machetes.


The company helped Collinsville thrive for 140 years finally closing its doors in 1966.  I can assume that Collinsville today looks very similar to how it did in the 1800s. Twenty-eight of the original building still stand in the location and currently house other business.   The river is massive and there are plenty of areas to walk around.  There are also nice restaurants and antique shops located there.


If you’re looking for a quaint town that takes you back in time I’d suggest taking a drive over to Collinsville Center and take your camera and a hot cup of coffee for your walk.

All the old building are located around Depot Street also check out Antiques on the Farmington located at 10 Depot Street.  For more info visit

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