Traumatized By The Snow

How many of you where traumatized by yesterday’s snow storm???  Yup, I was totally traumatized. So it started to snow in Stamford around 2pm, I typically take my husband his dinner but I was on an I’m not cooking cause there is nothing in the house for me to cook kick and so the idea was that I’d pick up dinner and meet him as usual at his job. Yes, we are that sick couple that is constantly together and will probably die within minutes of each other.

So Around 3pm my husband texts me and says go out and get dinner now, of course, I thought to myself it’s not that bad. OH BOY was I wrong, what is usually a 10-minute trip turned into an hour. Cars all over the place, not one city plow to be seen, not one cop to be seen.  Accidents everywhere and I was driving my mother’s van and praying I wouldn’t get stuck anywhere by the time I realized how bad it was it was too late for me to turn around because I had already made it out to the main street and got caught up in the traffic so I just went on.

I picked up dinner, headed back and at almost 5pm finally made it to my hubby’s job which mind you is right across the street from where we live.  I dropped off the food because at that point I was beyond stressed and then this happened.


See the white house in the distance?  Yup that’s our house and that’s me stuck behind 20 minutes of cars smack in front of my house making it impossible for me to get into the drive.  So I turned on the music, pulled out one of the Tacos I had gotten for dinner and basically had dinner in the car while I waited.  Sometimes you just got to go with the flow.

I got lucky my round trip ended up being close to 2 hours some people were stuck on the road for over 10 hours.   Where you stuck in the snow? How was your commute? How’d your town do with preparedness for this storm?

Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Traumatized By The Snow

  1. I live in a tiny village in NY state. Yesterday we got 11 inches of snow. The plows go by constantly. After I shovel my driveway, the plow fills it back up a again. It’s a never ending cycle. They also tear up my mailbox. Winter in the northeast. Ya gotta love it!

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