When Machines Take Over

So I don’t recommend this but… Today we stopped in at a McDonald’s while we were on the road because my husband was starving and I was in serious need of coffee. My need was so strong that I was even willing to drink McDonald’s coffee which I never do because typically it tastes like they rinsed the beans in hot water and served it in a cup.

46488616_336069800524416_446424153491243008_n.jpgWe walk into the McDonald’s and decided we’d eat there, instead of the car.  When we walked in the employee directs us to the Kiosk the stupid unmanned Kiosk and tells me oh you have to use the Kiosk.

Here’s my biggest problem with these things first off it’s taking someone’s job.  Secondly, it’s not that easy to use and I struggled with it for about 5 minutes when my husband pointed out that they were ringing out people at the register. They had 2 registers and about 4 kiosks.  Nothing is clearly marked and customizing an order is like pulling teeth. Finally, I walked over to the same employee who seemed to be the manager and said I’m not using that F-ing machine take my order! Yes, I was pissed he sends me to the machine and then goes behind the counter to take someone’s order, so yes I was extremely irritated.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I hate these things.  If I am going to ring myself out be it for groceries or food then I best get a discount because it’s ridiculous.  Needless to say as of that moment I decided I will never attempt to use a McDonald’s kiosk again.  Thankfully, we don’t go there often since that stuff will kill ya.

What are your thoughts on self-checkout and order Kiosk like those seen at McDonald’s and many of the grocery stores?  do you like them? Hate them?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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