FAO Schwarz New York City

This Saturday we went into the city it was an impromptu trip since we woke up late but when I realized it wasn’t as cold as I thought it was we decided to head out and check out the New FAO Schwarz that opened in Rockefeller Center.

As usually there were billions of people heading in the City and being that it is the weekend after Thanksgiving I think that made it just worst. When we arrived at Rockefeller Center the crowd was insane and on top of the crowd they where preparing for this weeks Christmas Tree Lighting, so sections of the center where closed and it was just a complete mess.

We slowly made our way to the store and we were told to walk around the building to the end of the line. The store is situated right across from the Christmas tree… the end of the line was at the NBC studio almost a block down.


Thankfully, the FAO Schwarz staff was so organized that the line was about a 1/2 hour wait and seemed to move really quickly. Staff members were situated along the line route making sure everyone moved alone and no one cut the line. It was actually quite impressive, and no one who was waiting seemed irritated or annoyed at being in line, although it was disheartening to see some parents drag their kids away crying because they did not want to wait in line.

There were also plenty of toy soldiers in attendance to entertain the crowd and take photos with the children and um me.

46803911_194514368122861_6432195137622769664_n - Copy

We finally made our way into the store and the first thing you see is a big rocketship that actually counts down and is so loud you can just about feel the ground shaking as if it were actually taking off, I wish they had added some smoke element to the ship but it was still pretty cool. There are three floors of toys, everything from Transformers to Barbie and even a candy section with some pretty cool candies and of course taking it old school they had Duff Beer and old-school candy cigarettes.

46523769_346381939511757_4727260221108387840_n - Copy

Ok so here is the thing with the new FAO Schwarz, I think it’s a great place to take kids who have never experienced the original which was located in Time Square. However, as an adult who has been to the original, there was something missing from the new store. The nostalgia of the original doesn’t seem to translate well at the new location. It wasn’t as big and overwhelming as the original and the toys weren’t as appealing. Although they do have the piano even that seemed different and misplaced. That being said though if you take your kids in there they will definitely create their own memories and the nostalgic feeling we as adult have for the original location.

46522731_269375133776332_7726068947669221376_n (1).jpg

If you do go with your kids anytime soon please take into account that you will be waiting in line. Please don’t attempt to go if you’re not willing to wait. I heard one parent say to their screaming child “I’m not waiting in that line you’ve seen those toys before”. Your kids might have seen these toys but it’s the experience and the memory you are building that’s important.

So I did a video while we were there so if you want to check that out head over to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeTimeTravel/ .

For more information on FAO Schwarz visit https://faoschwarz.com/

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