Weekend Wanders 12/6/18

This past weekend we headed over to Foxwoods Resort Casino because my husband had to take photos of Smokey Robinson who was performing at the Grand Theather.


Typically we head out rather early and then hit some of the Antique shops or Books-A-Million on the way over but we decided to head to Mystic Village.  I was so excited thinking that the village would be nicely decorated for the holidays but to my surprise, nada, nothing, zilch.  There was no holiday decor, and I was so disappointed. When we arrived it looked like there might have been a small band playing holiday music but they were already packing up by the time we got there which was around 3pm.  So we decided to hit a couple of our favorite shops.  One of my most favorite shops at Mystic Village is Bestemors which apparently means Grandmother in Scandanavian.  The shop has candy, foods, clothing, and gnomes.


A lot of gnomes from big ones and small ones and funny ones.  I love this shop although it’s pretty pricey I always go in there to browse at all the items they have.  We then headed to the general store but it was so packed that we decided to head back down to Waterford where Books-A-Million is located.  But before we left the village we decided to try some coffee at the Coffee Vault.


We ordered a donut and a coffee and latte, the husband said the donut was amazing and actually ended up getting another one.  These things where huge but I didn’t get a photo because by the time I turned around he had already eaten the entire thing.  Then my latte was delivered with much fanfare as the barista handed it to me he said “TaDaaaaa” he was so proud of his artwork, of course, I praised him and took a photo because damn I can’t make any food look pretty, ever, so this is a spectacular feat in my book.


Finally, we made our way back to Foxwoods, where we hit the outlets after Smokey’s show.   I don’t typically go into to the concerts when my hubby is taking pics as I have a crowd phobia but based on the size of the crowd showing up to see him I’m going to say he’s still got it and performed to a full house.

How was your weekend?? Did you have any exciting adventures? Let us know in the comments below.

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