Magic Wings Conservatory Deerfield, MA

This weekend we headed over to Magic Wings Conservatory and Gardens in Deerfield, MA.  It’s a beautiful atrium full of butterflies from all over Central/South America and Asia.  There are many species of butterfly flying around the atrium and you can pretty much spend a few hours in there just watching these beautiful creatures fly around.

The Atrium also houses a number of other bugs like Hissing Cockroaches.


And a variety of Lizards, small quails, a parrot, and plenty of beautiful plant life.


So we walk into the Atrium with the intentions and hopes that my husband would get a few good shots of the various butterflies, however, things did not go as planned and what ensued was about 2 hours of my husband running around like a terrified child and me laughing hysterically at what was happening.

As soon as we walked in we encounter a Rice Paper Butterfly.


The butterfly fluttered around us for a few moments when we walked in the door and promptly landed on my husband’s hand.  A few minutes later…


One landed on his forehead and we though OH COOL we are going to get some great pictures.   Well, I certainly got great pictures out of the deal, my husband was not so lucky because a few minutes later…


Another passenger decided to take a seat on my husband’s camera.  The butterflies didn’t seem too interested in me.


And just fluttered around me occasionally landing for a second or two and then flying off.  The more my poor husband wandered around the atrium the better it got well at least for me when at one point…


He was bombarded by a horde of Rice Paper butterflies that would just not leave him alone.  He tried to blow them off his hands, attempted to put them on the branches of the trees, we even tried moving away from the area where all the Rice Paper Butterflies where but they just would not leave him alone.


Our entire stay he was bombarded by these beautiful creatures and eventually other butterflies got wind that apparently he was a tasty treat and joined in.

Needless to say, most of the photos ended up like this.


Even an attempt at a selfie with his phone didn’t quite work out as planned.


In the end, he did get a few good photos one of my favorite being this Glass Winged butterfly with its transparent wings it almost glittered when you saw it fly past the sunlight.


We did have a really good time at the Conservatory it was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

49431603_2278299012204897_1431080551816626176_n (1)

The Magic Wings Conservatory and Gardens is located in South Deerfield, MA and opens daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas for more information visit


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