Pappa’s Pizza Stamford, CT

If you grew up in Stamford, CT you’ve heard of Pappa’s pizza and have probably eaten it a billion times.  Today I heard that Pappa’s founder  Filimon “Pappa” Sgouris passed away he was 90.


Pappa’s has been operating since 1958 in 1960 they began to sell pizza and since then it’s pretty much been the standard go-to place for many Stamford born and raised locals.  Pappa’s has 2 restaurants in Stamford the original location at 201 Main Street, and one that opened in the 90s located at 306 Hope Street and they recently also opened a location in Bridgeport, CT that has a bar.

Pappa’s has also kept its original recipe and I was told that they were the first to sell small personal pizzas in the area. When you order take out from Pappa’s you still get your small pizza in white round cardboard container the exact same way they did since I can remember and you know you’ve got pappa’s on the menu when you smell the pizza because in all the years that I’ve eaten there it always smells the same and no other pizza will ever compare to either of the pappa’s locations although which location has the better pie is up for heated debate.


So in remembrance of  Filimon “Pappa” Sgouris thank you for bringing a true slice of amazing flavor to Stamford and keeping it going throughout all the years without changing anything about it.

If you’d like to visit any of the Pappa’s locations check out their websites:  – The Original Location on Main Street – The Hope Street Location – The Bridgeport location




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