Archer the Cockatiel

So we went out and did a thing this weekend.  I recently lost my fur baby Winifred she was a Syrian Hamster or Teddy Bear Hamster as they are sometimes called.  I got her from Petsmart and she lived for a little under a year dying suddenly one evening back in December.

So after a grieving period, I started to research possible furbabies.  I wanted to get an animal I had never had and I had narrowed my search down to four possibilities.  The first one I researched was Guinea Pigs then decided against getting them.  Mainly because I’m a creepy person and enjoy creepy animals, so my husband and I discussed getting a fish tank and a shark (not kidding) or a Bearded Dragon.  After thinking about it logically and considering that I will be the main caregiver of our new family member I quickly realized after visiting some shops that I would not be able to manage the care of a large tank. The last pet on our list was a bird, we looked at green cheek conure and we looked at an English Budgie and we looked at a few Cockatiels.  And then while looking at the baby birds at the breeder this face popped up over the label on the cage.


And it was basically a done deal.  We went to look at the birds on Wednesday and then returned Saturday morning and purchased a six-week-old Pied Cockatiel who we’ve named Archer.  We hope to get him home in about four weeks give or take.  So this is our new baby boy or, well we hope he’s a boy since sexing them is impossible without a DNA and that’s something that I don’t care to put this little guy through.

We’ve already put him to work Archer has his own Instagram


And he’s learning how to balance on perches.  So stay tuned for me bombing my Instagram feed and blog with stories and pictures of my new little guy.


To follow Archer on Instagram click here

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