Visit to The Bronx Zoo

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. With summer kicking in I’ve been in hibernation/vampire mode and haven’t ventured out much. But this week we took advantage of the free Wednesday’s at the Bronx Zoo. Thankfully the heat wasn’t too bad but the crowds were as usual insane.

I’ve been testing out my new Sony A6000 and getting updated photography lessons from the husband so the zoo was the perfect place to go practice. Unfortunately summer times means most animals are hiding and so we ended up sticking to photographing the various birds.

The array of wild bird at the zoo is amazing and there’s plenty of colorful active birds to photograph while you’re visiting.

And we also found parts of the zoo we’d never explored considering we’ve been there a billion times.

I love going to the zoo but prefer visit during the fall or spring when the weather isn’t so hot.

My biggest complaint about visiting and my most important suggestion is to bring a bagged lunch and water. We decided to get some lunch while there and ordered a personal pizza, two hotdogs, fries, a coke and a beer.

For a whopping $41 total. We typically don’t eat there and I suggest you don’t either. Food and drink is expensive and it’s cheaper to venture out of the park and eat locally or bring your meal especially if you have kids.

In the end I got some pretty decent pictures and I’m getting back in the grove of handling a camera and I absolutely love the Sony A6000 it’s the perfect size and doesn’t weigh a ton even with the zoom lens attached. You can see the difference in size compared to my husbands Nikon D800.

If you’re visiting the area and looking for things to do I highly suggest a visit to the New York Bronx Zoo. Wednesday are always free and certain holidays. For more information visit

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