The Met Cloisters

The last time I saw the Unicorn Tapestry I was twelve years old and it still gave me the same feeling of awe that I experienced the first time I set eyes on it.

Today we visited the Met Cloisters a collection of Medieval art and of course the famous Unicorn Tapestries or The Hunt of the Unicorn. The set consists of 7 tapestries made at the turn of the sixteenths century and now housed at The Cloisters. Along with the tapestries you can see a wide range of gothic iconic art from the time period.

There are beautiful displays of iconography and a lot of gothic medieval woodwork.

The building itself is which opens to the public in 1938 is a work of art. With 12 century limestone and beautiful stained glass windows, gothic arches and, architecture.

So let’s talk the real deal. I love The Cloisters the artwork, iconography, the building itself, the gardens are all beautiful. The crypt with its tombs was amazing.

The museum is a must see if you’re visiting New York. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Take advantage and visit The Met on 5th Ave. and the Met Breuer which are included in the price of the ticket. The only catch is you have to use the tickets within three days of your initial visit.
  • As with all museums keep in mind that although they have a little cafe located inside of the building the prices are really high. You can’t bring any food other than bottled water in a plastic bottle. The museum is however, located in a park and you can always bring a bagged lunch and enjoy it at the park if you drive in otherwise you’ll have to find a place to eat in the surrounding area if you want to save money.
  • They have parking.
  • The building is not in my opinion handicap friendly. There are lots of steps to climb most are wonky from the wear and tear of people’s feet. Be prepared to shlep up and down a lot of stairs. However, you can request an accessible tour which will be specified to your needs but make sure to contact the museum ahead of time.

I highly recommend visiting the museum especially if your into the medieval art and history and don’t forget to check out their gift shop which had a great selection of books.

For more information visit:

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