Trader Joe’s Ethiopian Peaberry Coffee

So I’ve heard the hype about the new Trader Joe’s Ethiopian Peaberry coffee and decided I had to try it for myself and see what all the commotion is about.

So the coffee is a medium roast Arabica bean and comes in a bag as a whole bean coffee so you have to grind it at the shop or at home. It says it has hints of cherry, blueberry, and chocolate. So I brewed up a cup by the directions on the bag which state to use approximately 2 tablespoons of coffee to 6 ounces of water.

I used a leveled measure and ended up with slightly brown water. So I tried again this time I used 2 heaping tablespoons to the 6 ounce of water and still ended up with a very clear coffee just slightly darker then before but still not anything resembling actual coffee but more like the water that’s left in the pot when you rinse it out.

You can definitely smell the chocolate when it’s brewing but you do need to use way more then what the directions state if you prefer actual coffee flavors and not a I forgot to wash my coffee mug before putting water in it flavor.

I did grind the beans at the automatic drip settings which is what I usually do for most of our fresh ground coffees. I added a little half and half to try not to wash out the coffee flavor and then a little sugar.

So let’s talk the real deal, if you like very mild tasting coffee you might like this one if you like stronger coffee this might not be the coffee for you. Personally I didn’t like the flavor it was way to weak and left a weird after taste in my mouth. I also wasn’t a fan of the smell while it was brewing. My husband said it taste like Sanka.

The price for a 12 ouch whole bean pouch was around $10 a little pricey and honestly Trader Joe’s has other organic coffee with way better taste then this.

Have you tried the Peaberry coffee if so what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Ethiopian Peaberry Coffee

  1. I first tried Ethiopian Peaberry during a promotion in the store. The sample was delicious so I bought a bag. My husband was not crazy about the flavor, but did some experimenting with our regular coffee. It turned out that at a ratio of 3-1 (our coffee to Peaberry) we came up with the most amazing tasting coffee! However, when I returned to the store to purchase a second bag, I was told that they no longer carry this coffee! My question is, “Why in the world would Trader Joe’s promote a product that they KNEW was going to be discontinued?????” I am VERY disappointed.

    1. They discontinued it? There was so much hype over it I can’t believe it. It’s still available at our local Trader Joe’s maybe it’s left over stock. I’m going to try making some like you said and see if it’s any better.

    2. It says on the bag it’s a small lot coffee. They had enough of the beans to sell a couple months worth nationally and maybe there will be another couple months worth of supply available next year. But it’s a rather special and rare coffee and there isn’t enough to have stock year round. This is a seasonal coffee.

  2. It works decently well for strong coffee in my Moka Pot. Though not as good as espresso purpose roasts, it is a nice flavour and change from the norm.

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