Coffee Time – Donut Crazy Westport, CT

On today’s travel we stopped at Donut Crazy in Westport, CT

So I put the directions on the GPS and away we went and, we went…we went past it four times because the coffee shop is literally located at the train station. This made it hard to find but once we drove into the station parking lot we couldn’t miss it.

The shop is pretty big inside and has plenty of tables to sit at. I’m pretty sure it’s a commuters dream to have a shop like this at their station.

We had our usual a small black coffee for the hubby and a a medium iced latte for me. We also got a chocolate donut and what I decided to call the instagramable cookie.

My latte was good a little on the watered down side but it was fine. The donut was a little to gummy for me but you can definitely tell it was freshly baked. But the star of the shop was definitely the cookie I’m not a fan of cookies but this cookies was moist and delicious it actually taste a bit like a piece of birthday cake with icing, all it was missing was some ice cream, and the hubby drank all his coffee so I’m going to safely assume he enjoyed it.

The total cost for our treat $12+ we will be keeping this shop on our places to go back to list.

For more info visit

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