Coffee Time – Two for the Price of One

We’ve been ultra busy so I haven’t had an opportunity to do our Coffee Time post that means that today I’m going to cover two coffee shops that we visit. One is the cheapest coffee shop we’ve been to and the other is the most expensive.

We’ll start with Cafe Atlantique located in Milford, CT near the train station. It’s a cute little shop which actually smelled like an antique shop. I’m not sure if it was just subliminal for me based on the name or if it actually smelled that way but it almost smelled like grandma’s attic. As a result we opted to sit outside which we normally wouldn’t do but it was a nice day so we found a spot out on their patio.

We got our usual order, which by the way will change to a hot latte for me as it gets colder. So we ordered a small black with two sugars, an iced latte, and a chocolate chip cookie. Everything we ordered was good and when we left my husband actually took his coffee since he hadn’t finished it usually he’ll throw it out but said it was to good to not finish. The latte was good just how I like it and the cookie was really good also.

We ended spending a whopping $7+ for the entire order which to date was the cheapest we’ve spent in a coffee shop. Although parking wasn’t that great and the inside smelled funny to me we would definitely return to get coffee here again.

Cafe Atlantique is located at 33 River St., Milford, CT.

For more info visit

The second shop we visited was Sweet Pea’s Baking Co. Let me start by saying I worked in Greenwich, CT for many years and it’s a ritzy high end location so we went expecting to pay for whatever we ordered and oh did we pay.

As usual we got the same deal, black coffee and a latte. We also got a brownie that my husband polished off before I had a chance to take a picture and I ordered a raisin roll. The latte was decent, the brownie was good, the roll was good, the coffee however was cold and has to be the worst cup of coffee we’ve ever had, I actually tried it because I didn’t believe when my husband said it was undrinkable.

The cost was $15+ and it’s definitely on the bottom of our list of places to return to. The shop itself is cute and fairly big parking is a bit hard due to the traffic in the area and you have to be prepared to deal with pretentious people.

Sweet Pea’s is located at 212 Sound Beach Ave., in Old Greenwich, CT.

For more info visit

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