Jujube Taste Test

Today I headed to HMart in Hartsdale, NY and got some dried Jujube fruit. HMart is my second favorite Asian food Market I love going there to buy fruit and veggies and some of their unique foods and products. For more info on HMart visit https://www.hmart.com/ Continue reading Jujube Taste Test

Pappa’s Pizza Stamford, CT

If you grew up in Stamford, CT you’ve heard of Pappa’s pizza and have probably eaten it a billion times.  Today I heard that Pappa’s founder  Filimon “Pappa” Sgouris passed away he was 90. Pappa’s has been operating since 1958 in 1960 they began to sell pizza and since then it’s pretty much been the standard go-to place for many Stamford born and raised locals.  … Continue reading Pappa’s Pizza Stamford, CT